There's no denying that cardio is great. But what are the core reasons behind why we are training Cardio?  

Why are you performing cardio in the first place?

  • To keep healthy?
  • To lower your resting heart rate? 
  • To improve your blood pressure? 
  • To reduce stress? 
  • To improve cholesterol? 
  • To manage your weight? 

There are many benefits that come with cardiovascular training (1,2), like the ones mentioned above. And your reasoning for performing cardio may be for multiple reasons. 

However, one of the above reasons can be detrimental rather than beneficial! 

Weight Management

Using cardio as a sole weight management tool spirals many people out of control. When you find out their reasoning, it generally stems from something they associate as negative such as eating the wrong food. Consequently, the relationship towards cardio becomes a necessity rather than complimentary. For many individuals this won't be an issue, however for some people they undertake unnecessary amounts of cardio to make up for ‘negative associations’.

‘Cardiovascular training should compliment your plan not make up for bad habits or choices’


Weight management should come from lifestyle choices such as the food you eat during the week. Remember our bodies respond to long term changes and weight loss or weight gain occurs over time through our management of energy balance. Yes, you may be thinking I'm managing my energy balance through performing cardio but in reality the effect is far greater from managing your food and other lifestyle choices. These are basic daily activities otherwise known as N.E.A.T (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) (3). 

Ultimately, your relationship with food and cardio needs balance and if you're making up for so called mistakes all the time, you may need to ask yourself why? Here at Jonple we help you do just that through looking at your motivations and challenges.  

Cardio can be used for health, as a fat loss tool, enhancing performance and in some instances weight management, but shouldn't be used to counteract bad choices.

If your goal is to manage your weight over time that's totally fine and we applaud you for it, however, lifestyle interventions should be the way forward in reaching that goal. 

Here at Jonple we help you find the balance you're looking for to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst still living life on YOUR terms. 




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