No Gym, No Problems

The gym is one of the main places we associate with getting fit. However, while going to the gym is great, it is also possible to achieve our fitness goals outside of a gym environment and in the comfort of your own home. Not being at the gym may seem...

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Cutting with Complex Workouts

  I’d love to but I don’t have time... At some point or another, most of us are guilty of placing our workouts to the back of the queue when we are busy. Workouts don’t need to be time-consuming, though. Shorter, intense workouts can be very effective in stripping body fat and boosting levels of fitness. Even on a tight...

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Do Abdominal Exercises Help Me Burn Stomach Fat?

  The short answer is no, and here’s why! There is no such thing as spot reduction of body fat, therefore the thought of targeting a muscle group for that purpose is unrealistic. In order to lose weight, the number of calories expended (burnt off) must be higher than the number of calories consumed. The state is known as a...

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