Artificial Sweeteners: What Does the Evidence Say?

Over recent years the topic of artificial sweeteners has been a controversial affair.  On one hand, artificial sweeteners are considered safe for use by major health authorities (1) and are considered to be physiologically inactive in the body, and are...

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Body Weight Fluctuation Explained: The Truth About Scale Weight

When starting your weight loss journey, it may be instinctive for you to jump on the scale on a daily basis and expect the scale to give you a lower reading each time. If you do not get the reading you were hoping for, you may be lured to believe that your weight is not going down and instead going...

HIIT vs LISS For Fat Loss

When the goal is fat loss, choosing the type of cardio to perform can be debatable and many individuals will go back and forth between deciding what the best one is for them. Understanding how they work and the impact they have, will help determine the best cardio for you when the goal is fat loss. To lose weight, the...

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