3 Exercises for Wide Shoulders

  Achieving wide shoulders is a goal for many fitness enthusiasts. Firstly, understanding the muscle that is culpable in creating wide shoulders is essential before choosing any exercises. Three muscles make up the aesthetics of the shoulder, the anterior (front), medial (middle) and the posterior (rear) (1). To create a...

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Fix Rounded Shoulders

  One of the biggest postural issues is consistently having rounded shoulders and due to poor posture, muscle imbalances and lack of thoracic mobility being big causations of this posture (1), it becomes an increasingly harder task to fix. Habits can contribute to a lot of postural issues and with these being highly prevalent in modern society, reversing the effects...

The Importance Of Training The Triceps

  Aesthetically the triceps are important and are a bigger muscle than most think making up two-thirds of the upper arm, so training the triceps is a good idea if having bigger arms is a goal (1). Developing the triceps for aesthetic purposes will make a difference, but the reasons for doing so shouldn't just be for aesthetics but also...

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