Leg Day Ladies?

  Is your goal to tone up and trim the fat off those hips and thighs? Stop and read this. If you are a lady who has this goal in mind and you’re doing some or all of these gym machines, then you’ll be waiting longer than wind erosion to...

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The Most Overlooked Muscle Group For Men

It’s commonly quoted not to skip ‘leg day’ with all the benefits that training your legs provides, but the glutes (buttocks) still don’t get the attention they need!   There are a plethora of reasons why we should train the glutes (buttocks).  However, they only tend to be worked during other leg movements when training quads (front thigh) and hamstrings...

The Importance Of Training The Glutes

The glutes consist of the three muscles, glute maximus, glute medius, and glute minimus and serve a great deal of importance for maintaining balance from lifestyle factors to performance. They contribute to help stabilising the hip joint, performing flexion, external and internal rotation and adduction at the hip as well help to produce a lot of power during performance of...

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