The biceps muscles are composed of the short head and long head which sits on the upper arm, with main functions of the biceps being forearm flexion and forearm supination (1). A well developed bicep in combination with thick looking triceps is very aesthetically pleasing, but the benefits to training the biceps stem deeper than just looks.

Stabilisation Of The Shoulder Joint

An important yet overlooked factor in training your biceps is the stability it provides the shoulder joint. Due to the long head of the biceps origin being at the supraglenoid tubercle (scapula) and superior glenoid (shoulder) having weak or inefficient biceps can cause issues with the shoulder (1).

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint that allows a greater degree of movement when compared to a hinge joint, for example, the elbow. With greater capabilities of movement becomes the greater need for stability which is partly provided by the rotator cuff muscles (2). Two muscles of the rotator cuff, subscapularis, and supraspinatus both join to create a sheath over the biceps tendon within the shoulder joint, therefore, the relationship of the long head of biceps and rotator cuff muscles makes it important to have a healthy relationship and are singularly competent (3,4,5).

Ultimately having both the biceps and rotator cuff functioning well is beneficial for having a healthier shoulder, due to both sides showing an increased effect on one another if issues are present (6,7). Therefore having a pair of well-functioning biceps is important with it being a dynamic stabiliser of the shoulder and its relationship with the rotator cuff.

Daily Life & Performance

As mentioned before, the main functions of the biceps being forearm flexion and forearm supination relate entirely to daily tasks carried out (1). A stronger functioning bicep allows simple tasks such as lifting objects to be a lot more efficient and effective as well as creating aesthetically pleasing arms.

Effective Bicep Exercises 

E-Z Bar Curl 

Dumbbell Hammer Curl 

Dumbbell Incline Curl