Is your goal to tone up and trim the fat off those hips and thighs?

Stop and read this.

If you are a lady who has this goal in mind and you’re doing some or all of these gym machines, then you’ll be waiting longer than wind erosion to achieve your goals.

Swap them, and reach your goal in half the time!

So... you’ve tried pressing down the Assisted Pull Up.


Now try - Step Ups



The aim of this exercise is to target the thighs (quads) and buttocks (glutes). Using the Assisted Pull Up machine could mean you're missing out on some functional strength needed to support the knee and hip stabilisers.

Apart from the Step-Up exercise being more challenging and expending more calories to perform it, you are also improving the stability of the knees and hips. The Step-Up is a more dynamic movement integrating hip and knee extension, which will also improve your balance.will also improve your balance.


So... you've tried Hip Extensions.




Now try - Hip Thrusts



The primary goal with a hip extension exercise is to target the glutes. Again, the Hip Extension machine is not a functional movement and has limitations in its range of motion. As a result, you are not activating the glute muscles as much as you could be. The hip thrust displays very high levels of hip extension force, where the glutes exhibit maximum levels of motor unit recruitment. Therefore, the Hip Thrust exercise delivers a massive amount of buttock activation and why it is now the preferred choice with many athletes and coaches when training the glute muscles.


So... you've tried Hip Abduction/Adduction Machines.



Now Try - Lateral Lunges



Notice the theme here; we are swapping a non-functional exercise for a superior functional one. Now, the key target areas here should be the buttocks (abductors) and the inner-thigh (adductors), so the beauty of the Lateral Lunge is that we can have a 2 for 1 offer.

The lateral lunge targets the hip stabilising buttocks through a greater range of motion at the hip, while the adductors are targeted under what’s called eccentric loading (the lowering part), which is excellent for strength and sculpting the inner thigh.


Tip: Remember in all these exercises to master the bodyweight version before you try a weighted version.