Are you looking for some inspiration for your fitness regime? Each week we take a look at a new exercise you can try, that are suitable for all levels and ability.

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Exercises for beginners

The Needle

A great exercise for beginners, the needle is a stretch that can help improve upper back mobility, release tension in the upper back and between the shoulder blades. 

It's well worth adding this to your daily routine. 


1. Begin on your hands and knees.
2. Reach underneath the body with one arm, palm up.
3. Let your head rest on the ground facing the hand.
4. Now take the opposite hand, and place it at the crown of the head.
5. With the same arm, pull the elbow backwards as you try to rotate the upper back.


Exercises for intermediate users

Dumbbell Renegade Row

The dumbbell renegade row is an upper body-strengthening exercise which will challenge your core stability. 

Predominantly targeting your back and arm muscles, it will also highlight any imbalances from left to right.


1. Begin in a push up position.
2. Position the hands under the shoulders.
3. Wrists locked in a neutral position.
4. Head facing the floor to maintain spinal alignment.
5. Pull in the navel to engage the core.
6. The hips must remain level with the shoulders.
7. Exhale, and alternately row each dumbbell to the side of the body.


Exercises for advanced users

Single-arm Bench Dips

Single-arm bench dips is an advanced bodyweight exercise that is good for developing the triceps. 

This single-arm version is less common than the double-arm bench dips, which makes it a good challenge for most fitness enthusiasts, whether you're working out at home or the gym. 


1. Hold onto the edge of the bench with one hand
2. Keep your opposite foot in contact with ground
3. Place the working hand at shoulder width
4. The opposite hand shoulder height
5. Arm fully extended
6. Walk the feet forward so the thigh is parallel to the floor
7. Inhale and slowly bend at the elbow
8. Lower the body until the elbow is at 90-degrees
9. Keep the elbow tucked in
10. Exhale and fully extend the arm without locking elbow

Toe Touch

The Toe Touch is an advanced abdominal exercise, great for targeting the upper abs.


1. Keep your legs straight with your feet above your hips
2. Lift your shoulder blades off the ground
3. Your arms point toward the feet
4. Exhale and flex from the abdominals
5. Lift your upper back off the ground
6. Lower down slowly


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