Supersets are an excellent tool for saving time and achieving workout volume (sets x reps x weight) to stimulate a muscle group. Performing the exercises back to back with their opposing muscles, i.e. bicep and tricep, aids in performing an exercise without it being in a detrimental fatigued state. Performing a superset in this fashion allows for greater recovery between sets compared to performing exercises that use the same muscles, such as a close grip best press and a tricep pushdown (triceps).

Try this mass building arm workout!

  • Each exercise performed as a superset (back to back) with no rest.
  • 90-second rest between sets.
  • Perform once every 5-7 days.
  • Be consistent for 6-8 weeks.

Arm Workout

Rest Time

Short rest periods of 90 seconds or less is to take advantage of one of the drivers of muscle growth that is metabolic stress (uptake of nutrients and oxygen) through blood flow to the area targeted. 


Performing the arm workout for mass workout every 5 to 7 days is probably the sweet spot for frequency. Increasing the frequency will cause interference with other workouts such as the involvement of the triceps in chest exercises. 

Perform for 6-8 weeks

  • Applying a new stimulus is required where the body is forced to adapt to handle the new stress that is applied. Over time the rate of progression will slow down, and what was a new stimulus at the beginning has become the norm. 
  • Progression can be applied through increasing the weight lifted, increased volume (reps & sets), improved form, increased training frequency and decreased rest time between sets. 

After performing this workout for 6-8 weeks on a lower frequency of once every 5-7 days, decrease the volume (sets & reps) within the session and spread it out over the week. 

It would look something like this: 

  • Two arm sessions per week of 8 sets, totalling 16 sets for the week. 
  • Perform every 3-4 days.


Standing Cable Curls



Cable Push Down



Chin Up



Close Grip Push Up



Incline Dumbbell Curl



Skull Crusher EZ Bar



Cable Hammer Curl



Overhead Tricep Extension