It is no secret that we are busier than ever before. Managing families, friends, careers and a social life can all feel like full time jobs and unfortunately it is often our wellbeing that is sacrificed. We are quick to jump to the aid of people who need us but it is not selfish to take some time to be organised and manage our health and wellbeing. This blog will outline the cost of convenience food and compare it to a homemade version. Maybe seeing how much money you could be saving will encourage change! 


1. Coffee 

I am a coffee lover, I enjoy meeting friends for a coffee or sipping a takeaway while I browse the shops. This however is a rare occurrence because of the price of a high street coffee. In 2018 I received an espresso coffee machine as a Christmas present and I can honestly say it is my most prized possession. I drink a double espresso in the morning and pay approximately 0.30p per espresso, up to 5 times less than on the high street. Those of you who buy coffee morning or on lunch - you must have money and time to burn! 

The figures; 

Double Espresso

Home Brew

Coffee Shop













Ok, yes you have the cost of the home espresso coffee machine but with a saving of almost £400 in a year that will pay for one with plenty of money left over for accessories such as milk frothers, travel mugs and syrups! The machines available on the market require little maintenance and no barista skills, making it quick and easy as you head out the door in the morning. You can also enjoy your coffee on the commute rather than rushing to work because of the long coffee stand queues. 

2. Breakfast

One of the most debated topics in the Nutrition world. As a child I was not allowed to leave the house before school until I ate breakfast. That was not a problem for me as I enjoy breakfast but the thought of eating that early in the morning can make some people feel ill. There is also the matter of time. Many of us are rushing out the door to ensure we get to work on time and would sacrifice breakfast over a shower. Preparing breakfast the night before to take to work rather than force feeding yourself, or buying something pricey or unhealthy on your commute could help your pocket and your health. 


The figures;



Homemade Overnight Oats*

Instant Oats **

Sausage Roll**

















*Based on the average cost of; 40g Oats (well known brand), 200ml Milk, 1 handful (15g) of blueberries, 1 medium banana, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter 
** Well known brands
3. Lunch 

 Lunch is  my favourite meal of the day. For some it means a break from the office desk or an opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends but for others it can mean shoveling whatever you can find into your mouth so you don't pass out on the job. For those of us working in a town or city with an abundance of choice, the temptation to be lazy and spend up to £5 on a soggy sandwich, is somehow more appealing than preparing our own!

Most offices have staff rooms where you can store food in the fridge and heat it up as and when you need it. Of course a once a week treat is ok but if your excuse is to get out the office, eat your lunch and then go for a walk!

The figures;


Homemade Sandwich (Ham, cheese, tomato, mayo)*

Price of shop bought sandwich with similar filling













*2 Slices of wholegrain bread, 2 slices of cooked ham/turkey, sliced cheese, 4 plum tomatoes and premium brand mayo

These calculations are based on seven days - many of us only work five but I think it is important to highlight the savings that can be made even if we are more mindful of our spending and begin to change habits!

Taking into account the time it takes to walk to the shop, queue and and get to the office I also argue is convenient food really that convenient?